Hello world!

Hello World!!! My name is NC Merci and it’s awesome that you are reading my blog. Your probably wondering what you could expect from me, right?

You could expect RANDOMNESS! and hopefully alot of M.O.L.D.( mouth open like damn) moments

  • I love music so you could expect comments on a video or a song.
  • I love Chris Brown ( Like 4 sho!) so you’ll hear from me about that.
  • I love to write stories and poems, so it is most likely that I will post those up for viewing.
  • I love to dream about romance and heart break, so i’m going to want hear something about you (Honestly).
  • I love life.
  • I love God.
  • I love listening.
  • I love laughter.

After hearing so much about me. I will like to convey to you that I want to be friends! 🙂


Share your thoughts :D

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