CASE STUDY #1 Chris Brown~ See You Around

In this article, and in many future posts, I just want to share how I’m interpreting the song. Why? My line of thought is:

Every individual is different. Experiences and Perspectives belongs to none other than self. Therefore, like many things, music could have been  interpreted  or could bear meaning that is as unique as oneself. It can be something you could relate to, a stress reliever, something to set the mood or express a feeling.

So I want to take the time, when school isn’t weighing me down, to ask you what songs mean to you?


This song expresses the perplexed emotions of a man who must let go of a woman that he loves simply because of the fact he does love her and she has a chance to be happy, which was something that he could not do. In my mind, I see a couple that has been on-and-off, and they’re having one last meal together. He’s giving her his blessings and at this point he’d be telling her that he’s “sorry” and ” I do love you” and ” you deserve better” and “It’s my fault”. But when you look at the core of what he’s feeling, he’s feeling bitter-sweet because he has no choice in the matter of her moving on and he must do the same.


What I Have to Show

I want you to see what these years have done for me
I have nothing to show for it.

I can only show you who I am.
I can only tell you about my plans.
I can only describe both my successes and failures.
You want something more tangible from me and
I Don’t have much to show for it.

I may not have a billion or two of anything.
Or have a million friends on FB, #true,
I have people who I love.
I have a reason to do my best.
You want proof of how I’m living…
Surrounded by people who love and care for me,
Is what I have show for my existence.


Seriously Single #2

I feel like there’s several factors against me in my love life (which is non-existent). However I’m only going to talk about 4 of them.
1) I’m tall. A lot of the men where I live are much shorter than me and they can find that intimidating. I’m not saying I wouldn’t date a shorter man…I’m just saying they’re not liking me.
2) I’m initially shy. I don’t have much experience with guys on a romantic level. The friend zone seems to be a comfortable place. In High School, when everyone was doing slutty thing or “booing” it up, I didn’t care for any of that.
3) The quality of men in Miami seem to suck! A lot of them seem to want a woman who know how to twerk and perform various sexual favors. Basically, they want the current hip hop life. They don’t really take relationships seriously. Check out my last Seriously Single post.
4) I’m a good girl.  Like Good guys we are not appreciated. (later post)

Like if you can relate.

Your overconfidence is like…

Your overconfidence
is like a raging storm;
a storm so dense,
it takes shape of a worm
and it digs a hole into my sweet apple,
located underneath my left breast.

Your overconfidence
is like a mad archeologist;
Although your excavations are never through nor ever completed,
You have set your cite on me.

Your overconfidence
is like a net;
Made out of thin air and flair,
And that is what I have to call safe.

Your overconfidence
is like a good case of Alzheimer’s.
I forgot the bad and remembered the good.
While everything else gone from memory.

Your overconfidence
is like a splash of iced water
Over a overheated radiator.

Your overconfidence
is like the flu shot I needed last year.

No Worries On My Behalf

BY N.C.-Marisa Phanord

You say you’re not a runner but a hurdler.

So the reason you’ve been jumping through hoops is to look at her?

So what? Did I just happen to become a blur?

Someone who’s time you can freely deter?

Boy you crazy

Calling me your lady.

If you’re thinking you can run tracks around me,

You’re out of your mind and out of my time.

Speaking of time “time is money”

So please look forward to the finish line “honey”.

And stop the whinning.

You need some refining.

Saying that I want you back..that’s trying

But if I wanted you back

I could have you back.

But I won’t do that,

I’m done with that.

You see, I don’t do track

I don’t run any races

because I am what thy chases

You know this is a matter fact.

I know you’ll regret what you did.

To my resilience, your reaction, In your face

just showed that you did.


Not in a while crocadile.

Now it’s time to close this Cold Case File.

Now I smile 😀

Why Haven’t there an Audio Push?

There is something coming from the west and it think it’s Audio Push. Audio Push is a Cali-rific rap group based in the west coast. Yes they can do they dougie and yes they can reject and the jerk. I’m not really into the whole hip-hop scene  but they make want to think it over again.

What I like about them:

  1. They are cute.
  2. They have charisma. When you watch their videos you can’t help but to dance with them and sing along. When they smile, I smile. When they joke, I laugh…You get it.
  3. They don’t curse. At least the music from them, that  I’ve heard, they don’t.
  4. They are lyrically in tune. I love the creativity  in their lyrics. They are mature and I would say that they are the older brothers of New Boyz.
  5. The last reason why I like them is because they can dance. I love guys that can dance. Why? I don’t know. The other day my friend and I were trying to figure out why we love it. Is it the confidence? The freedom that they express? The moves that they can do? All I know is that it’s sexy. 🙂

To end this short post let me say this: They are an awesome group and they need to be signed, if not already. They need to be on every states radio, if not already. I’m just so passionate about them and I hope they do well and keep posting videos on Youtube. Here’s some videos:


The night before my 19th b-day I went to FIU (Florida International University) because at that school they were having a spring concert. A whole bunch of local artist came through (mostly unknown) including Piccalo. So what about Jeremih, right? Well, Jeremih came out on to the stage @ exact 12 o’clock a.m. My birthday March 27. I’m so happy that my friend Adri invited me and some other friends to come to her school that day. I had another friend, Tisha, who was celebrating her birthday early too on the 29th …she loves jEREMIH …She was happy ;). Here are some video of that night enjoy.

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Chris Brown is Ultra Cute while Dancing!!!

When I was 14 he was 16 and that was when I fell in love with Chris Brown’s dancing. Being a little teeny-bopper you’d think I loved just how he looked…but it’s not only that. He has talent. He can sing and dance while looking good. I admire talent. And in this video he managed to use that talent to make me smile. CBREEZY I’m working wit it! Your fan!!!