CASE STUDY #1 Chris Brown~ See You Around

In this article, and in many future posts, I just want to share how I’m interpreting the song. Why? My line of thought is:

Every individual is different. Experiences and Perspectives belongs to none other than self. Therefore, like many things, music could have been  interpreted  or could bear meaning that is as unique as oneself. It can be something you could relate to, a stress reliever, something to set the mood or express a feeling.

So I want to take the time, when school isn’t weighing me down, to ask you what songs mean to you?


This song expresses the perplexed emotions of a man who must let go of a woman that he loves simply because of the fact he does love her and she has a chance to be happy, which was something that he could not do. In my mind, I see a couple that has been on-and-off, and they’re having one last meal together. He’s giving her his blessings and at this point he’d be telling her that he’s “sorry” and ” I do love you” and ” you deserve better” and “It’s my fault”. But when you look at the core of what he’s feeling, he’s feeling bitter-sweet because he has no choice in the matter of her moving on and he must do the same.


Why Haven’t there an Audio Push?

There is something coming from the west and it think it’s Audio Push. Audio Push is a Cali-rific rap group based in the west coast. Yes they can do they dougie and yes they can reject and the jerk. I’m not really into the whole hip-hop scene  but they make want to think it over again.

What I like about them:

  1. They are cute.
  2. They have charisma. When you watch their videos you can’t help but to dance with them and sing along. When they smile, I smile. When they joke, I laugh…You get it.
  3. They don’t curse. At least the music from them, that  I’ve heard, they don’t.
  4. They are lyrically in tune. I love the creativity  in their lyrics. They are mature and I would say that they are the older brothers of New Boyz.
  5. The last reason why I like them is because they can dance. I love guys that can dance. Why? I don’t know. The other day my friend and I were trying to figure out why we love it. Is it the confidence? The freedom that they express? The moves that they can do? All I know is that it’s sexy. 🙂

To end this short post let me say this: They are an awesome group and they need to be signed, if not already. They need to be on every states radio, if not already. I’m just so passionate about them and I hope they do well and keep posting videos on Youtube. Here’s some videos:


The night before my 19th b-day I went to FIU (Florida International University) because at that school they were having a spring concert. A whole bunch of local artist came through (mostly unknown) including Piccalo. So what about Jeremih, right? Well, Jeremih came out on to the stage @ exact 12 o’clock a.m. My birthday March 27. I’m so happy that my friend Adri invited me and some other friends to come to her school that day. I had another friend, Tisha, who was celebrating her birthday early too on the 29th …she loves jEREMIH …She was happy ;). Here are some video of that night enjoy.

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Chris Brown is Ultra Cute while Dancing!!!

When I was 14 he was 16 and that was when I fell in love with Chris Brown’s dancing. Being a little teeny-bopper you’d think I loved just how he looked…but it’s not only that. He has talent. He can sing and dance while looking good. I admire talent. And in this video he managed to use that talent to make me smile. CBREEZY I’m working wit it! Your fan!!!

New Boyz~Tie Me Down …Upsetting

You know what? You ain’t gonna tie me down!!!!

I’m not gonna lie and rip apart New Boyz~Tie Me Down~ from the start. So to begin, let me begin by saying that it is not a horrible song. Even though I say that, I have to strongly say that I believe that their lyrics do females wrong (in my opinion) and I can’t help but to lightly jerk to it while shaking my head from disappointment…in myself (lol).  However, I love the creativity and simplicity of the video. The majority of the video is black and white, with only loud colors sticking out. Ray J looking sexy and the New Boyz….young but cute. The vocals on the track ( especially Ray J) just works; it’s flowy, catchy, and laid back and the same with the beat; which is sick!!! Ray J’s part did it for me.

But anywho, has anybody listened to the damn lyrics??!! It’s sooooooooo upsetting. Yup, you know dis!

‘What is NcMerci talking about?’ is what you probably thinking right? Well then let’s go through the lyrics together then, shall we?

But first let me give you an overview. Basically, They (Legacy and Ben J) are saying they don’t want to be in a committed relationship (with respective girlfriends), which is completely fine. BUT… My issue  lies in the fact the lyrics express that ‘he’ as though he  suddenly became tired  of being together with his girl and so decided on being a ” Jerk! Jerk!Jerk!Jerk!!” about it. Have some class boyz. Okay let’s begin.

Verse 1:

Know we been together for a minute,
But uhhh, its kinda been forever since we been in,
The kinda situation not involving other women

[Uhh maybe because you decided to make a committment. It’s takes 2 people to do that becuz it would be crazy if it didn’t. Plus a relationship aren’t suppose to involve other people i.e. family,”lovers”, and etc.]

And its pretty obvious that your kinda tripping,
Like who the hell is this b****?,
Lookin a hot mess,
What you fell for this chick?
You know we got problems and you failed to fix it,
I’m like, you need to go somewhere else with this s**t,
Because I aint gone put up with you,

[By this part of the lyrics you could tell that this couple is in trouble. Also, he is strongly demonstrating that he doesn’t care anymore whether it works out with her, while immaturely putting the failure of the relationship on her. I would also like to say that I understand the mentality of the girl who is ‘tripping’.  Can you imagine being in a crumbling relationship with a “jerk” of a guy who is keeping a tight lip about wanting to break-up, while in-turn making you think that you can indeed save  ‘us’ and deal with his cheating?.]

Talkin bout how she make you uncomfortable,
Like I mean, shit im only seventeen and uhhm ahh Perfect couple is
only in a dream,
And right now im pretty much away for this Relationships?,
I think you should wait for it,
I mean later we could try things out but not right now,

[Uhh, don’t use age as a factor becuz they are a lot kidz wanting 1 person. That’s just a excuse. Just say ” I’m not ready for a commitment because I’m going to be out on the road alot and I want to be with different people.” because either way it’s gonna hurt; but if it’s real and honest, the hurt will heal without bitterness.]

I’m not even gonna get into Ben J part of the song because he demonstrated strong male piggness.

[check out the rest of the lyrics if you want, go here: New Boyz Tie me Down]

The whole point of me commenting on this is to ask you guys ” Is this is your mentality?” If it is then, it’s very immature.

Why is commitment such a bad thing at any age? At least to those that you love and love you back. Why do we have to go out into the world and be with a lot people, especially if you found the “one”?

Why is the common theme in the songs that we vibe to is to have sex, to get drunk, to get drunk and have sex, having many partners, and unfaithfulness? Is it because as human beings our morals decrease for that dollar bill b/c artist want to make money? Why do I have to do the things that GOD hates?

You may say that this is nothing new but isn’t it sad?

I say it’s sad because Iknow that I would want commitment but if he wasn’t feeling us anymore…just say it. Don’t get me upset by being a butthole. I just want you to tell me what you are about: you’re either in it to win it or if you want to hit-and-run (because I may or may not be down with whatever you choose). But my hypothesis is this: the longer we stay together in a negative relationship, it is more than likely that the bad memories will accumulate…and therefore the chance of me hating you will increase. But if you tell me straight up then i’ll eventually forgive you and move on.


Chris Brown~ Strangers

This song is not on his Graffiti album but I think it’s worth radio tunes or club (I think). I just love the guy..sigh. He’s a talented person and in support of talented people. I support him. Yup you know dis!!

The song is Hype, with plenty of playful words. Favorite line is ” got me poppin like a mighty morphin power ranger”

I would definately vibe with this.


He curses TWICE!!!! but that’s all.

So enjoy…… from NcMerci

Justin Bieber~Baby

This song is so cute and I’m loving it!!!!  Yup you know dis! This song is just starting to rock the radio waves down here in Miami. The song “Baby” is about getting him getting his heart broken for the first time and how he didn’t expect it. Good job Bieber for  expressing what a first teenybopper heartbreak is all about. Every time that I hear the song I say “Awww so cute”. The hot R&B/ Pop ?? beat on this track got me sympathizing and smiling all at once; it makes me want to throw in some old school dances. Anywayz, the studio version of this song  features Ludarcris but I like the vocal on this video and therefore it is the one i’m going to give to ya…So here it is Baby.

Leaving Chris Brown & Rihanna 2009~NC Merci Over It

Some people may have negative opinions of Mr. Brown  because of his unexpected case of domestic abuse, with former girlfriend Rihanna in Feb2009. However, if you are one of his loyal fans and have a positive outlook on the 20-year-old, multi-talented singer, you would understand that he is living with his “demons” and that he is trying to move on with his life. I mean the man turned himself in and plead guilty. I’m not saying that what he did is something to look over. I am a female fan myself (since his 1st album) and to see the guy I’ve been going crazy over do that to Rihanna hurts me a lot. For months, me and my friend Tisha, whose just as crazy for CB as I am, had musical boycott against him. We didn’t listen to him, we didn’t watch him, we tried to not like him,  we criticized, sympathized, and we made fun him ( “You better stop before I go CB on you”).

We especially criticized his initial apology to Rihanna over the internet; which looked rehearsed as hell and insincere. On his Dec2009 interview on 20/20 he says that the apology was sincere but it projected every one of those who was advising him after the incident. I’m not saying that I don’t believe…eventually I did…and I honestly think that he still loves her because of the way his face lit up when recalled playing “Changed Man” to Rihanna and her crying about [despite her denying it in her 20/20 interview]. Even Rihanna said that she still loves him, her first love, but will never… ever…. in her God forsaking life go back to Chris Brown (no, she didn’t say it exactly like that but it’s that clear that she meant it that way. LOL :). If you couldn’t tell I’m also a fan of Rihanna and I can’t wait until I get my hands on her latest album.

I was seriously hating on Rihanna for hooking up with CB but I honestly thought they were a cute couple. To be each others’ first love and to be torn apart in such violent way must way down on the hearts of the people of the heart. I saw it as a kind of fairytale, their love that is. A princess and prince caught up in the music industry, filled with adults, found each other, fell in love…but there goes the happy ending, Feb2009.

A tragic ending for CB and Rihanna and everybody’s confused as hell as to what happened. Since the incident both Rihanna & Chris Brown have been pretty tip-lipped about what happened. It wasn’t until recently (near their releases of their album) that they opened up about that night but they said a whole bunch of nothing. Honestly, I Don’t Care. I don’t. M.O.L.D. (mouth open like damn) me all you want but the celebs personal life is too much to take in. I have problems of own too you know? I’m not beating people up or playing Russian roulette but damn, Really?

And another thing, why don’t  we  just support the “artist’s work”?  because we don’t know these people, despite what we may want to think.  People are making this into a big deal without purpose. I don’t see Rihanna on promo’s supporting the fight against domestic violence (If she is “where she at?”). For Chris, I would love to see recordings of him in the anger management classes, participating, confessing, and really show us him shame rather than just understanding it. In other words, I think this over publicizing of this is without reason and put a lot exposer on these people (maybe that’s why Charlie Sheen did  it? nah!). But seriously, I’m not attacking these people nor am I being callous. I just pray  that one day that both their pain because only God can save them from it.

With much love to ultimately both artist, let God Bless you on your career.

P.S.  So how can we say mean things or cast judgement on him or Rihanna’s sins of that night? Doesn’t all sins weigh the same in God’s eyes?

What do you think? Agree? No? Why? Comment.