It’s too #Hot, SF

It was like any other day.

It was bright, hot, and humid.

And like any other day, I wanted to stay inside…

In my nice, climate controlled environment.

My apartment.

Like usual, from the glass window walls

came the dazzling 5th floor visuals 

Showing me Boca Raton’s majestic landscape.

It was seducing me.

It always looks like it’s time for the beach or the pool.

It always looks like it’s time to play basketball or a round of golf.

It’s always…

But I’ve lived here all my life.

South Florida is in my blood.

I know that the hot weather and sunny sky’s…aren’t that exciting.

Thighs rubbing together aren’t fun at all.

It’s just too hot.

Even if you wear shorts, a tank top, flip flops, or your birthday suit…

But I can’t deal with the cold…

I’ll just stay inside my apartment,

in South Florida, 

Until it decides to chill in October.


Thank You

I want to thank those who have liked any of my posts and started following my blog. 

I don’t have much confidence in whatever do. So it’s nice to think that there was something I said or wrote that caught your attention.

With the financial stress that I’m going through, it’s good that I have an outlet like this blog. Please look kindly on me. Thank you! And in return I will keep up with my blog. Thank you!

Soul Changer

If you want to see more of these beautiful paintings…click this image. Thank you My Modern Metropolis for hosting such a site of such beauty and awe inspiring art.

I don’t know why you looked at me

The way you did,

It was as if you saw something in me

that I couldn’t see in myself.

And I might not ever get the chance to thank you,

But in the occasion of the moment

When your gaze fell upon me,

It moved me.


I wanted to see what you had seen.

I wanted to hear what you had thought.

I wondered what compelled you to glance my way?


A mold of a time so impersonal,

Where I could only count on the one and only…

and I was worth the wrinkle underneath your eye?


You got me thinking it would be alright to be a loveable,

Gullible, trustful, optimistic woman of this world.

Because through your eyes I’m only a reflection.

I liked the way you looked at me because

In your eyes I felt so sweet.


That was all I ever needed.

Your eyes were a soul changer for me.


Poetry by: NC Marisa Phanord

Art provided by My Modern Metropolis

[Thursday] More Than Friends

“It’s Trina, right? Hi I’m Cole. I would love to have you as a roommate and as a potential friend. If you accept this invitation then there is something that you have to know. It’s the number 1 rule. We cannot be more than friends. I don’t want live in a miserable state for the entirety of this lease because things didn’t work out. Cool?” I’m going through this moment, our origin, over and over again right now because were in this type of situation; the type of situation where he’s in between my thighs and I’m looking up at him.




The Deal: Relationship

I don’t want it
but it’s the only thing I know
I’m on my own.
I love to love
and don’t feel like my heart is out of beat.
I have people in my life that I Love and wouldn’t mind taking care of
and it’s those same people, who will take care for me. I know.

I”m blessed.

Yet, my heart is so guarded , just call it Fort Knox.

I believe that there are no crooks can steal this heart of mine.

I do not mind visitors but I’ll decide whether you’ll be my guest. Forever?
I guess I can thank God for that.
I guess His love is something I need to know
before I can love someone else.

I know how to love and how to use it.

I want to share it with someone who is worth it.

which seems impossible to do.

So I’ll sit. chill. and bow my head because,
I’m glad that He didn’t leave me alone and that I’m surrounded me with amazing people….
As I wait. sit. and chill.
Waiting for someone to blow away all my secret intelligence of the world I think I know.
So I’ll wait. sit. chill.
To feel…what’s God’s Deal.

Paint and Painted

by N.C.-Marisa Phanord
I am a mere painter,
a gatekeeper of your creative mind.
I hold in my right hand a clean paint brush and a
used canvas in my left.

I have put my painting on display,
listening to whispers of what I have said.
However, I am more than interested your trite kings speech.
You reel the oh’s and awe’s
With your maverick tongue.
I want to exhale and teehee,
with a nice bag of black tea.

However, I worry that you’ll interpret me wrong
Like usual,
you’re all gums and fangs
and you’re looking quite satisfied; and worst of all…
you’ll buy my work to hang.
Have you no shame?
Your obtuseness is on display!
You have strayed my old acquaintance
Because you do not hear what I have said.
How can you interpret my work
When you do not know my history?
You have dropped out of the education of ME!

I’ve heard of your treatment of my past works.
It sits in your chambers,
Clumsily protected.
Let’s see how time will tear, old chum.
Let’s see your rustic interpretations pause a vagrant bum.
You know not I anymore.
You’d know that,
If you’ve understood that,
Time has a way of changing that it surrounds.
That’s why-Next time-
Don’t move so haughtily before me.

What does it mean?

I wonder if any one realizes how fast time zooms by?

We just sit around and idolize people who have never intentionally made an impact in our lives and sincerely don’t care to put a pen to your name. We just idle around and watch Toyota’s in the Pacific and watch brothers of sisters of mothers and fathers bodies wash ashore sitting on our bottoms. Why aren’t we doing anything? Why am I not reacting? What does this mean?

Time just go,go, and goes without me. It sleeps without me. Eats without me and it definitely travels without me. If I wanted to chill it wouldn’t chill with me. If I wanted to rewind, it wouldn’t allow that; and if I wanted a repeat…just forget about it. What is sad about this relationship is that none of us wants to change. So we won’t. What does that mean?

I’m satisfied and halfway content. Just looking for the next circus tent. What does that neem?

I accept my life and all that I allow in my life. That includes both types of consequences. However, life is short and I stagger and pause too much, too similar to a rut. I need a new location and a new vocation and a right and left hemisphere renovation to finally think more clearly. What does this mean?

What is life?
Life is about time and reaction. Don’t use it inefficiently or recklessly but if you do just try not to regret it. But I must ask,
What does this all mean?