Executive Order:    Muslims stay away!                 

I don’t know how you feel about the current situation of our country but for the 1st time in my 25 years of life, my eyes are filled with tears because of one man, President Donald Trump. I’m not a political person. I barely watch or read the news. However, does that disqualify me from being an American citizen? It makes me a bit ignorant but apparently, there are far worst people than me in this country seeing who’s in office.

Am I proud of being ignorant?  No but this is an announcement to those who read this that I am what they call ‘Woke’. I will do my upmost best to learn what my government is about and what my rights are because as a young black woman I know that knowledge is key.

I want to speak on the executive order from President Trump to ban those traveling from 7 Muslim dominate countries ( Iraq, Iran, Somalia , Yemen, Sudan, Libya and indefinitely Syria). The traveling ban is set to last 90 days while new refugee admissions will be suspended for 120 days all for the sake of “protecting” Americans.

1st of all, America is all about liberty. If you want some freedom, America is where you want to be. We’ve been fighting liberty for “all of our life” (as country). We fought England to earn independence, we fought amongst ourselves so that we unite as one country, we fought for black rights, women rights, etc. We know and have fought on so many levels, I just don’t understand how those in favor of the ban can’t understand what’s going on with these refugees. Has America lost its basics on humanism? Are we unable to be empathetic and/or sympathetic? Is this order even American?

To explain my frustration, I will tell you about my conversation with my Russian colleague who has been in the country for about 3 years. When news broke out about the order, he said that he agrees with Trump’s order.  Look I’m not going to bash him for agreeing with Trump, it’s a free country where we can say just about anything about anything (no slandering though). However, I don’t agree with his reasoning as I have the right to do. When I asked him why does he approve of an order like this he essentially said that because ‘he feels safer now that the terrorists will be kept out’.  Really dude? Are you really blaming a whole group of people for terrorizing the world, based on their religion?

My co-worker is very much interested relationships and marriage, to get my point across I drew up a scenario where I applied his reasoning of why the ban is good to a relationship.

The scenario:  If I was in Russia and had to live there for the rest of my life, obviously, my dating pool would be Russian men. Let’s say my heart was broken a few times and I conclude that ALL RUSSIAN MEN ARE BAD. So what do I do then? Do I stop dating and die old and alone? No way! That is not the type of future I see for myself. I should keep dating until I find the one. But I would naturally be more defensive and my standards would be raised. I’d probably have a list of what I ‘do’ and ‘don’t’ want from a man. But who’s to say that if I do find someone who fits the mold, they won’t wreak havoc on my heart. So, do I close off my heart even though it gets harder? I already said no to this. My hope and faith is that not every man will be that way and I will live happily.

Life is hard in many ways and I have a lot of worries and fears, but I will not let that affect me anymore. However, I have a President that is feeding and justifying those fears instead of dissuading and reassuring his people that every Muslim people are not our enemy. People tend to fear the unknown, draw up their own conclusions without checking the facts, and accept that fear as fact. As a country, we should try to understand for ourselves what being Muslim is about, so that when we correctly discern who IS the enemy.

All the while, gun regulations are too relaxed. We have had emotionally imbalance U.S. citizens getting their hands on a gun and shooting up schools. We have one too many police officers that think that killing unarmed minority citizens (especially if they are black) is justifiable.  Where are the executive orders to get our country in order?

My name is N.C. and I don’t support ignorance and fear as being the marketing brand of America. I support hope and faith and liberty.





CASE STUDY #1 Chris Brown~ See You Around

In this article, and in many future posts, I just want to share how I’m interpreting the song. Why? My line of thought is:

Every individual is different. Experiences and Perspectives belongs to none other than self. Therefore, like many things, music could have been  interpreted  or could bear meaning that is as unique as oneself. It can be something you could relate to, a stress reliever, something to set the mood or express a feeling.

So I want to take the time, when school isn’t weighing me down, to ask you what songs mean to you?


This song expresses the perplexed emotions of a man who must let go of a woman that he loves simply because of the fact he does love her and she has a chance to be happy, which was something that he could not do. In my mind, I see a couple that has been on-and-off, and they’re having one last meal together. He’s giving her his blessings and at this point he’d be telling her that he’s “sorry” and ” I do love you” and ” you deserve better” and “It’s my fault”. But when you look at the core of what he’s feeling, he’s feeling bitter-sweet because he has no choice in the matter of her moving on and he must do the same.

Focus On Me

I would hope that you could give up on what you would like to see in me and focus on the real me. It is then you can watch me do me, even though I know that it won’t happen anytime soon. That’s fine for now… I’ll just continue on with my life until your eyes can adjust to what it is that I am doing because I can’t stop living because it’s not within your scope of vision. I wish I could hold your hand right now but you’re just going to have to come and grab it.


Q&A Mondays! #ncbwqa

I appreciate all the love I have received on the 100% Type of Man Series!!

To return the kindness I would love to strike up a conversation with you and talk about the series and what it means to you. As writer I get bundles of energy thinking that someone like/ could relate to what I have written because I write what’s in heart and mind. Love you guys. I want to have a Q&A session on twitter on Monday. It’ll be my chance to get to know you and vice versa. The hashtag will be #ncbwqa (i.e. ncmerci beaucoup writings q&a). Ask me about anything, ranging from my inspiration for the series, or you can tell me what’s you favorite part/ line was, what you wish to see from me,…anything. I really hope to hear (read) from you. mwah



It’s too #Hot, SF

It was like any other day.

It was bright, hot, and humid.

And like any other day, I wanted to stay inside…

In my nice, climate controlled environment.

My apartment.

Like usual, from the glass window walls

came the dazzling 5th floor visuals 

Showing me Boca Raton’s majestic landscape.

It was seducing me.

It always looks like it’s time for the beach or the pool.

It always looks like it’s time to play basketball or a round of golf.

It’s always…

But I’ve lived here all my life.

South Florida is in my blood.

I know that the hot weather and sunny sky’s…aren’t that exciting.

Thighs rubbing together aren’t fun at all.

It’s just too hot.

Even if you wear shorts, a tank top, flip flops, or your birthday suit…

But I can’t deal with the cold…

I’ll just stay inside my apartment,

in South Florida, 

Until it decides to chill in October.