Long legs aren’t for the faint of heart
because we can travel miles in just a few steps.
Are you Up for the chase?


Focus On Me

I would hope that you could give up on what you would like to see in me and focus on the real me. It is then you can watch me do me, even though I know that it won’t happen anytime soon. That’s fine for now… I’ll just continue on with my life until your eyes can adjust to what it is that I am doing because I can’t stop living because it’s not within your scope of vision. I wish I could hold your hand right now but you’re just going to have to come and grab it.


Q&A Mondays! #ncbwqa

I appreciate all the love I have received on the 100% Type of Man Series!!

To return the kindness I would love to strike up a conversation with you and talk about the series and what it means to you. As writer I get bundles of energy thinking that someone like/ could relate to what I have written because I write what’s in heart and mind. Love you guys. I want to have a Q&A session on twitter on Monday. It’ll be my chance to get to know you and vice versa. The hashtag will be #ncbwqa (i.e. ncmerci beaucoup writings q&a). Ask me about anything, ranging from my inspiration for the series, or you can tell me what’s you favorite part/ line was, what you wish to see from me,…anything. I really hope to hear (read) from you. mwah



It’s too #Hot, SF

It was like any other day.

It was bright, hot, and humid.

And like any other day, I wanted to stay inside…

In my nice, climate controlled environment.

My apartment.

Like usual, from the glass window walls

came the dazzling 5th floor visuals 

Showing me Boca Raton’s majestic landscape.

It was seducing me.

It always looks like it’s time for the beach or the pool.

It always looks like it’s time to play basketball or a round of golf.

It’s always…

But I’ve lived here all my life.

South Florida is in my blood.

I know that the hot weather and sunny sky’s…aren’t that exciting.

Thighs rubbing together aren’t fun at all.

It’s just too hot.

Even if you wear shorts, a tank top, flip flops, or your birthday suit…

But I can’t deal with the cold…

I’ll just stay inside my apartment,

in South Florida, 

Until it decides to chill in October.

What I Have to Show

I want you to see what these years have done for me
I have nothing to show for it.

I can only show you who I am.
I can only tell you about my plans.
I can only describe both my successes and failures.
You want something more tangible from me and
I Don’t have much to show for it.

I may not have a billion or two of anything.
Or have a million friends on FB, #true,
I have people who I love.
I have a reason to do my best.
You want proof of how I’m living…
Surrounded by people who love and care for me,
Is what I have show for my existence.