is the best!!

It was in 2009 when I stated my 1st year in college that I met my best friend…

It’s the best kind of friend to have.


Well… because it likes to save you money. I don’t know why but college always seemed like a book buying game (at least in the beginning of the semester).

Everyone, in the dark corners of the internet searches for deals on their textbooks before classes begin. When you meet other students, you ask them how much they paid for their books and where did they get it? A lot of the time Chegg wins. Chegg saved my life this semester! I’m completely broke and I’m looking for a on-campus job because I do not have car and I don’t have money to take the bus to go somewhere else. 

The struggle is real guys.

My books this semester could have easily costed me over $350. Blasphemous right?

With Chegg I got all 4 books for $143. 

So I rented those thangs…overdrafting my bank account….. To my followers, who may be struggling just like me… a $1 would help me out mucho! When you donate leave your email address behind. I want to send  a Thank you card!  And if there is something that I can do let me know.

❤ and appreciation. NC




Paid Chegg $147 of money.  Can you help me out?

Paid Chegg $147 of money. Can you help me out?







    1. I should try to make it a profession…finding books for cheap. It’s my last semester this year and my books would have been over $600. For 2 of my books, i got the international version and it’s the exact same as the books in the bookstore. and the 3rd book for .17. This semester I spent less that $50 on textbooks! thanks

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