American Love

by Nc Marisa Phanord

You’re an all true, 

never blue, go lucky kind of guy.

Never shy under the lights

but when we’re all alone and you’re truly mine,

you’re more humble than what the dictionary advertise.

You always keep it real with me.

You also wash away all my anxieties,

all the while,

you are my #1 anxiety.

I worry that some women might tempt you;

I worry that you’ll willingly leave;

I worry so much that I might just kill you.

But I worry and I only worry… because I love you.

I want to be the best woman I can be

and never take you for granted.

I see the changes that you’ve done for me.

And  I know now that I am your top priority.

Instead of your boys you are with me.

You changed your scene,

Your routine and separated yourself from the girls that get me mean.

I acknowledge those changes and for your sake

I’ll let your past be your past

Unless it starts interfering in our present.

All in all I want to say I love you, appreciate you, all because you do the same for me.


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