Cupid, Are Boys Stupid?

~Original by N.C.-Marisa Phanord~

Boys are stupid?
Naw, they just never had a lesson by cupid!
They’re just ignorant.
Not knowing what they do
To girls like me.
Just breaking hearts and all. 
Being so handsome and all.
Being so swag~a~licious and all.
Being so crafty with their ambition and all.
Being so diligent to their talents and all.
Being so in tuned in pleasing a woman and all.
Being all these things and not being aware of their admirers …breaking hearts and all.
Even those who feign wisdom
Suffer at the end for past mistakes,
Making the now situation a little late to fix.
Boys are stupid?
Naw, just confused, slow as molasses, ignorant
And in need of a lesson by cupid.


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