Can’t Control This Girl #1

I say “ha!” look at you

Running around like a fool

Looking looking for who?

Me? No sir,

You will not find me around.

Not in the kitchen,

Not in the stars,

Not in the dark where I’d share tears and

definitely not by your side.

Not me.

No way.

Not Ever Again.


Chris Brown~ Strangers

This song is not on his Graffiti album but I think it’s worth radio tunes or club (I think). I just love the guy..sigh. He’s a talented person and in support of talented people. I support him. Yup you know dis!!

The song is Hype, with plenty of playful words. Favorite line is ” got me poppin like a mighty morphin power ranger”

I would definately vibe with this.


He curses TWICE!!!! but that’s all.

So enjoy…… from NcMerci