Strange, Bonded, & Un-attached

It’s a strange, bonded, & un-attached feeling that I have towards you.

Every morning I look outside of my window

Dreamy 2To see if you’re there.

We’re not together

But it feels nice to know that you are there.

It’s a strange, bonded, & un-attached affection that I have for you.

Because I’m a realistic girl,

I don’t cling onto what I don’t and cannot have,

But I find myself wanting to hold onto the thought of being with you.Dreamy

I have a strange, bonded, & un-attached impression of  you .

We share our mellow hellos and goodbyes

Along with a pair of smiles.

And sometimes we share the overviews of our lives.

I look forward to those moments the most.


It’s a strange, bonded, & un-attached attraction that I have towards you.

My eyes always veer towards you.

You’ll probably never know it,

Because I won’t ever say it,

Unless you step forward

I will always fall behind.

But I will always have this strange, bonded, &  un-attached love for you.


Can’t Control This Girl #3 (final)

You thought you had me to follow your orders,

you forgot that I was swayed by your love and not by your power.

Seeing how the love is gone,

I got a got a few things to say.

Yes, you may have been my first love

But I’m guaranteeing that you won’t be my last.

I’m leaving, even if that means I can’t find somebody else.

Because I have myself and

there shouldn’t be any reason to lose her.

Stuck like Glue

ImageI like the way our fingers intertwine,


I feel the heat of the bond that ties us together.

It’s radiant.

We’re radiant, just like the sun and its nuclear reactions.

Our love is like a chemical fusion.

A wonder.

Something scientists would want to dissect, reproduce and put back together.

I like it when our hands are together.

I like making you aware of that.

[Thursday] More Than Friends

“It’s Trina, right? Hi I’m Cole. I would love to have you as a roommate and as a potential friend. If you accept this invitation then there is something that you have to know. It’s the number 1 rule. We cannot be more than friends. I don’t want live in a miserable state for the entirety of this lease because things didn’t work out. Cool?” I’m going through this moment, our origin, over and over again right now because were in this type of situation; the type of situation where he’s in between my thighs and I’m looking up at him.




Just for a moment

Just for a moment you’ll want me/
flaunt me/ and forever and ever
just taunt me/ saying that you’ll love me /
but when we’re in town I’m just a friend/
pending/ whether if we’re really in love/ or just maybe
you want me just because…..

Ever been In a relationship or thought you were or hoped that “this” was real?

That is what this is about.

2cents: Love

I’m not pessimist when it come to love. I am just a realist. I believe that love is a battlefield. One has to understand the “art of the war” to set up strategics for winning. That includes planning for the ups and downs of the relationship and the maintenance of peace once you’ve won.

LOVE IS HARD… Inspired by  the “Getting Over It” Post

What I Have to Show

I want you to see what these years have done for me
I have nothing to show for it.

I can only show you who I am.
I can only tell you about my plans.
I can only describe both my successes and failures.
You want something more tangible from me and
I Don’t have much to show for it.

I may not have a billion or two of anything.
Or have a million friends on FB, #true,
I have people who I love.
I have a reason to do my best.
You want proof of how I’m living…
Surrounded by people who love and care for me,
Is what I have show for my existence.


Seriously Single # 3

I don’t usually get my hopes up because it leads to disappointment. However, disappoint usually tends to find me when I’m alone or with people. So rather than being disappointed because of hope, people’s actions usually does the job. If you consistently say that “I’m going to call you” and you don’t, why would I take anything else you say seriously. Who would want to be in a relationship where s/he doesn’t take you serious? That kind of behavior is not something I care for. Especially if one does not plan on changing.
why do with it?
If that person wants to flirt then flirt with said person. Why? Because it’s fun. Not serious. It makes you feel good. but don’t invest your heart in the transaction.
I’m just saying

Seriously Single #2

I feel like there’s several factors against me in my love life (which is non-existent). However I’m only going to talk about 4 of them.
1) I’m tall. A lot of the men where I live are much shorter than me and they can find that intimidating. I’m not saying I wouldn’t date a shorter man…I’m just saying they’re not liking me.
2) I’m initially shy. I don’t have much experience with guys on a romantic level. The friend zone seems to be a comfortable place. In High School, when everyone was doing slutty thing or “booing” it up, I didn’t care for any of that.
3) The quality of men in Miami seem to suck! A lot of them seem to want a woman who know how to twerk and perform various sexual favors. Basically, they want the current hip hop life. They don’t really take relationships seriously. Check out my last Seriously Single post.
4) I’m a good girl.  Like Good guys we are not appreciated. (later post)

Like if you can relate.