Focus On Me

I would hope that you could give up on what you would like to see in me and focus on the real me. It is then you can watch me do me, even though I know that it won’t happen anytime soon. That’s fine for now… I’ll just continue on with my life until your eyes can adjust to what it is that I am doing because I can’t stop living because it’s not within your scope of vision. I wish I could hold your hand right now but you’re just going to have to come and grab it.


Thank You

I want to thank those who have liked any of my posts and started following my blog. 

I don’t have much confidence in whatever do. So it’s nice to think that there was something I said or wrote that caught your attention.

With the financial stress that I’m going through, it’s good that I have an outlet like this blog. Please look kindly on me. Thank you! And in return I will keep up with my blog. Thank you!

Love Matters Line #6: the last line

You have to be up for it.



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