Goodbye, Because I Never

I never not wanted your love.

I wanted your hugs.

I wanted your feel.

I never not wanted your touch.

I never wanted to cry.

I wanted to walk down the isle.

I wanted to soar.

I never wanted to crash.

I never wanted to be pitied.

I never wanted to be a bondage.

I never wanted to become Jane Doe.

I never wanted to just leave and go.

But being with you…

Well, I’ll never……


Out of your hands (typical night at the club)

by N.c.-Marisa Phanord

The situation.

Oh he’s looking in my eyes and I have him hypnotized.

Alright, now he’s thinking about how he’s gonna take me back.

Wait, Take me back?

Oh, he must mean to the time when we just met

And I do believe we just met tonight!

Just so that you know this girl don’t get down like that ah’ight.

Mister, you who wants to be gangsta

tryna be like that hip-hop dude surrounded by video girls, Who only know how to sell themselves.

But let me give you a taste of reality,

you know something that you put in your cup of tea,

Those girls don’t exist outside the video lenses.

But look at you…

You who think he’s slicker than Slick Rick

Telling me all those nothings that I don’t want to hear.

Just believe we’re not leaving here together.

And ladies.

For those of you entertaining a guy, who thinks it’s cool that “this” girl is going to “love in this club”

You should abandon all hopes of him forming  any kind of respect for you.

Now Back to me.

Mister, it’s too little, too late.

You missed your chance.

You have insulted me and my intergrity,

especially when you’re saying “you gotta be kidding me”.

No sir, I’m  sure that I respect myself and God.

My attention  on you.

Don’t lose hope because

Surly you will find that girl who’s willing to be with you, under these conditions.

Although you’re kind of lame looking,

Ill-will bearing,

Potential stalker, i’m just characterizing, type of brother.

You will find a sister that matches your ‘je ne sais quoi’

but don’t be suprised when she bites you to the dust.


Why is that when I dress to impress, a brother who dresses as if he’s in distress thinks he has the pickings of the world?

I dress for me. The decisions are made by me. Everything is out of your hands. Ok 😉