I imagine, when…

I imagine, when I fall
That you’ll be standing where I need to be caught
I imagine, Love would end us both
Cuz my heart is heavy and there’s always a cost


I was inspired by Pink’s “Just Give Me A Reason” song.


Justin Bieber~Baby

This song is so cute and I’m loving it!!!!  Yup you know dis! This song is just starting to rock the radio waves down here in Miami. The song “Baby” is about getting him getting his heart broken for the first time and how he didn’t expect it. Good job Bieber for  expressing what a first teenybopper heartbreak is all about. Every time that I hear the song I say “Awww so cute”. The hot R&B/ Pop ?? beat on this track got me sympathizing and smiling all at once; it makes me want to throw in some old school dances. Anywayz, the studio version of this song  features Ludarcris but I like the vocal on this video and therefore it is the one i’m going to give to ya…So here it is Baby.