It’s too #Hot, SF

It was like any other day.

It was bright, hot, and humid.

And like any other day, I wanted to stay inside…

In my nice, climate controlled environment.

My apartment.

Like usual, from the glass window walls

came the dazzling 5th floor visuals 

Showing me Boca Raton’s majestic landscape.

It was seducing me.

It always looks like it’s time for the beach or the pool.

It always looks like it’s time to play basketball or a round of golf.

It’s always…

But I’ve lived here all my life.

South Florida is in my blood.

I know that the hot weather and sunny sky’s…aren’t that exciting.

Thighs rubbing together aren’t fun at all.

It’s just too hot.

Even if you wear shorts, a tank top, flip flops, or your birthday suit…

But I can’t deal with the cold…

I’ll just stay inside my apartment,

in South Florida, 

Until it decides to chill in October.