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I appreciate all the love I have received on the 100% Type of Man Series!!

To return the kindness I would love to strike up a conversation with you and talk about the series and what it means to you. As writer I get bundles of energy thinking that someone like/ could relate to what I have written because I write what’s in heart and mind. Love you guys. I want to have a Q&A session on twitter on Monday. It’ll be my chance to get to know you and vice versa. The hashtag will be #ncbwqa (i.e. ncmerci beaucoup writings q&a). Ask me about anything, ranging from my inspiration for the series, or you can tell me what’s you favorite part/ line was, what you wish to see from me,…anything. I really hope to hear (read) from you. mwah




So what if I actually fell…

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So what if I actually fell in love with that guy? How would that “intense liking” of that person increase? I would have probably been happier than what words can express. And if I lost that feeling….




1. WesternGirlEasternBoy

So what if I actually fell in love with that guy? How would that “intense liking” of that person increase? I would have probably been happier than what words can express. And if I lost that feeling…

Then I would probably want to die, or at least live without really feeling alive.

Can’t Control This Girl #3 (final)

You thought you had me to follow your orders,

you forgot that I was swayed by your love and not by your power.

Seeing how the love is gone,

I got a got a few things to say.

Yes, you may have been my first love

But I’m guaranteeing that you won’t be my last.

I’m leaving, even if that means I can’t find somebody else.

Because I have myself and

there shouldn’t be any reason to lose her.

Soul Changer

If you want to see more of these beautiful paintings…click this image. Thank you My Modern Metropolis for hosting such a site of such beauty and awe inspiring art.

I don’t know why you looked at me

The way you did,

It was as if you saw something in me

that I couldn’t see in myself.

And I might not ever get the chance to thank you,

But in the occasion of the moment

When your gaze fell upon me,

It moved me.


I wanted to see what you had seen.

I wanted to hear what you had thought.

I wondered what compelled you to glance my way?


A mold of a time so impersonal,

Where I could only count on the one and only…

and I was worth the wrinkle underneath your eye?


You got me thinking it would be alright to be a loveable,

Gullible, trustful, optimistic woman of this world.

Because through your eyes I’m only a reflection.

I liked the way you looked at me because

In your eyes I felt so sweet.


That was all I ever needed.

Your eyes were a soul changer for me.


Poetry by: NC Marisa Phanord

Art provided by My Modern Metropolis

Just for a moment

Just for a moment you’ll want me/
flaunt me/ and forever and ever
just taunt me/ saying that you’ll love me /
but when we’re in town I’m just a friend/
pending/ whether if we’re really in love/ or just maybe
you want me just because…..

Ever been In a relationship or thought you were or hoped that “this” was real?

That is what this is about.


Just reach for the stars

Since it’s far from anything you know.
Yes, it lies beyond the sky,
up above the world so high,
it’s also where dreams exist.
What’s there to resist?
Your dreams burn so bright
that your eyes are helplessly fixed.
So  do what you must.
Become an engineer!
Build a rocket
and pioneer for the brightest star.
To settle down there.
So as you sleep
your dreams are always close enough for you to know.
N.C. Marisa Phanord

Getting over the 1st LOVE: from the perspective of never having it: Cheerleading


From a person who has never been in love with someone, love seems like a very scary thing to do.

Love seems like a monster wrapped in a M&M costume. It looks sweet, so you assume that it is, and then you lunge for a bite. You eat and eat until you get filled up with its “sweetness”. When your stomach becomes bloated with its chocolaty goodness so much that you can either: get sick from (break up) or you will never stop eating (continue to love) that M&M monster.

Love can be a blessing and it can be a curse. Wouldn’t you agree?

Although this society uses this word lightly, it’s important to understand its weight.  Google defines love as an “intense feeling of deep affection”. In my life, I have experienced intense liking of a person. I would think about that person all day, I would day dream him, and have urges to talk to him. Even when you like a person, you go through a whole range of emotions and that’s exhausting in itself!

For the sake of those who have lost a love (not in a postmortem way) this post is for you.

“I am glad it cannot happen twice, the fever of first love. For it is a fever, and a burden, too, whatever the poets may say.”
― Daphne du MaurierRebecca

As many of you may know YOU ARE ENTITLED TO FEEL HOW YOU FEEL.

Do you feel hurt? It’s fine.

Are you angry? That’s alright.

Feeling  depressed? It’s understandable.

You miss him/her? That’s normal.

Just take all those emotions and feel it to the fullest. Let it run it’s course.

And when you are going down this path, there are few things to keep in mind:

  1. This is a road you should travel for short period of time. Why? Because pity parties aren’t fun. 
  2. This is the most reasonable time where you can analyze, rationalize, be irrational, and act crazy at the Same Damn Time! (express whatever it is that you want so that you’re heart isn’t as heavy.)
  3. Understand that you may never get the closure that you want. You just have to do what you must to be at peace with yourself.
  4. Depending on how great this love was…there will always be residual feelings left behind.

*If you allow it, UR ❤ will heal *

I believe that when you try to suppress your feelings, it always has a way of resurfacing bitterly. Bitter in the sense that the memory is so intense that you “relive” it all over again. You shouldn’t allow negativity control you like that. If I am making this sound  like this an easy thing to do then I am sorry because it’s not.

This process of “letting go” consists of:

    1. Time. (As time goes by it’s get better to breathe.)
    2. Support. (It helps to have  real and supportive friends listen to you and give you advice. For the times that you are weak it’s a blessing to have someone who is going to be strong for you and to not judge you. Just talk about it! just not to death lol)
    3. Growing Pains. (Life has taught you a lesson. You just have to find it. Accept it. But you don’t necessarily have to understand it.)
    4. Forgive. (Forgive so that you don’t regret.)
    5. Press on. (You have to press on through the hurt so that you don’t remain in a rut.)
    6. Don’t give up.Ever. (Let love happen again. Let someone love you)
    7. Don’t compare. (Everyone loves a different way. If you look for qualities of your EX in another person you might a) have the same problem or b) hurt the one you’re with now or c) lose out on something good.)

There is no time table when going through “the process”  because it varies for everyone.

ADVICE: Fake it until you make it. If you pretend to be happy> and you do things that could make you happy> you just might be able to be happy again.

Although I never experienced a heart break I have been a friend to one how has been. Sometimes sincere advice from a completely different perspective on a matter can help.

I hope I helped. If you like this post then like it please. Share it. Also, please leave a comment and/or ask me anything.