An Amusing Fight

My eyes are always looking for you. I hope that you are searching for me too.

“How long have we known each other babe?” I asked Nate out of curiosity. I wonder if he knew.

He didn’t answer, so I asked him again “Nate, how long have we’ve been going out now?”

Again my question drifts back into space like UV rays.

“Oh, so now you can’t hear me? Ok. I’m six months pregnant and the baby is your 15 year old brother’s and … I love him. Cool?”
Nate, “Yea, yea that’s cool….wait. What?”

“What? You got something to say?”

“Rebecca you can’t be saying stuff like that when I’m watching the game. Plus, I know you just playing cuz’ if you ain’t given it up to me I know you ain’t given it up to nobody else. especially to no git” and he laughs it off.

“Oh so you heard me? And you think it’s funny. Why can’t you just answer my question the first time I ask you something? You always do this” I said annoyed.

“ Well, you should know better than to talk to me when I’m watching the game.”

“Excuse me?”

“You always want to talk about how we are doing relationship wise. We’re fine babe” By this point I can faintly hear the anger in his voice, so I got up from the floor.

“Whoa buddy! I hope you ain’t getting mad at me”

“Becca nobody’s getting mad. Just relax”

“Nate how the hell am I going to relax when you took it there!”

“How the hell did I take you there? Huh? Where did you go? I was just sitting here, on the floor, with you right in-between my legs watching the game! You tell me what happened between then and now?”

“You ignored me first of all. Then you want to be slick at the mouth when I just wanted to talk to you Big Head!”

“Becca, really? Are you serious?”

“Yes Nate. I’m dead serious. Why the hell would you invite me here when you know I hate watching the game? It’s not The Game and ESPN is not BET thank you!”

“Becca stop it, you are too cute.”

“wha-What? I’m not being cute! I’m mad at you!”

“For what?”

“For making me mad for no reason! And in turn called me cute for no reason. Don’t patronize me fool” I chirp.

“Ah babe, who chirps now-a-days? That’s so 90’s.”  Now I can tell that he’s totally over this little argument and plans to yank my chain for his amusement.

“So what? I’m a 90’s baby if you didn’t know old man!”

“Hey now, you know I’m only 3 years older than you right?” he said pretending to be hurt.

“Well Natey boo-boo you’re still older than me right?”


“So technically ye’Old” Then I started to laugh out loud (I was so tempted to put lol) when he started to pout.
Then out of no where his pout became a burst of laughter. Then he started to point at me from the floor and said
“Ahhh you laughed. Hahaha you laughed. Hehehe Becca laughed”

“ Huh? So wha…Damn it! I hate when you do that! You get me mad without a cause and then you don’t take me seriously. Stop doing that! Like real talk”  I pouted and then I chirped again.

“ “Real talk?” Ahhh hahaha And You chirped again!”

“Damn right I did”

“ Ahh baby you too much. Let me just wipe these tears of joy away, that you have so generously gavin to me and come tend to you”

Chirp. “See, you are a clown and I don’t need no clown taking care of me. You need to stay on that floor and leave me alone. That’s what you need to do. And her  I  was  just wanting to bring up the fact that we’ve been together for almost a year already…boy you better stay on that floor…no don’t hug me. No, no, no…and you’re hugging me :/”Then he wraps his big, long arms around me and squeezes me tight.


“Yea Becca boo-boo?”

“ Can you ease up on your hug? You’re suffocating me. I’m still not use to these hugs.”

“What do you mean “these hugs”?”

“ I mean hugs from a tall person.”

“You’re silly you know that? You’re tall too!”

“ I’m 6’1 and you’re 6’7”…big difference.”

“No it’s not.”

“yes it is… At least for me. I’m usually the tallest in the room.”

Then he put my face in the palms of his hands and kissed my forehead. “Well, that was before you met me.”
I’m not going to lie. The way he said “Well, that was before you met me” was kind of sexy with his deep, yet smooth voice. It was enough to make me blush. So I hooked my right hand onto his neck and slowly let it run down his chest and when the moment was right…I lightly jabbed in the abdomen so he could let me go. It’s best to believe me when I tell you that he had let me go.

What’s so nice about us being in a relationship for almost a year is that we understand each other and that there is no need for an explanation. He knew why I punched him, or rather, he knew that it was coming to him.“Babe.” I say in the sweetest voice ever.

“yea?” he grunts out trying to catch his breath.

“I forgive you. Don’t do that again. Okay (^-^)”

Nates face >>>>>>> (‘~’)

“And when you can breath again I want to talk about how it all began. Okay?”

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